Seilmide (Snail) An Introduction

Seilmide” has been curated by visual artist Helen Barry and is supported by DCC Arts Office, DCC Community & Enterprise Dep., axis:Ballymun,Wee Care RTE creche, Graffiti Theatre Company. 

Seilmide (Snail); a creature that takes it’s house/ home / shelter with it.

 Seilmide” is a two-part project, designed for early years audiences specifically created for them through a collaborative process with them.

Visual Artist Helen Barry

My work uses sculpture and drawing to explore the architectural spaces of buildings and spaces where communities and people come together, buildings of prayer, churches of different faiths and mosques etc. These buildings offer an array of architectural symmetry, geometry, pattern, mathematics and colour. As part of my investigation I have been collaborating with early years children. Together we have taken the concepts developed in my studio, our imaginations and building tools and created a stimulated world of dens and playgrounds that can be lived in, hidden in, swam in or gone to the moon in.

In turn what has been created through this collaborative process, the spontaneity of the children’s decision making and movements creates a dynamic and flood of creativity and confidence that both informs, challenges and ignites an excitement in my own studio practice.

Part One:  ‘Seilmide’ (Snail) invites crèches to engage in a collaborative process with me exploring the concept of ‘home’ through construction, problem solving, play and lots of imagination. Three crèches through Dublin will participate in a series of workshops. ‘Seilmide’ is child led and through observation and discussion each workshop will determine the content of the next workshop.

The workshops in the crèches are a creative engagement for the children and will broaden the creative experience of the caregivers whilst supporting Aistear; the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework & HighScope an international curriculum for Early Years. Their aims and objectives will shape the key markers for the development, delivery and evaluation of the sessions whilst providing a shared language between the artist and the crèche workers. The collaborative process with the children will explore how children look and perceive home, shelters, dens, playgrounds and safe spaces through play, construction and building. The initial structure of the workshops will be the same yet the dynamic, responses and pedagogical development of each group will be different and will influence the direction within the crèches, each having different outcomes and learning. The observations, responses and what has been created through the collaborative process will become the seeds for the collaboration of the visual artist and axis arts centre in Part Two of “Seilmide

Seilmide” is supported by DCC Arts Office, DCC Community & Enterprise Dep., axis:Ballymun,Wee Care Day Nurseries RTE creche, Graffiti Theatre Company. 



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